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Course: History 1, India (2021): Current events

Background on your region

Map of India

The map to the right was put together by a Reddit user who tracked Google auto-complete for the sentence "Why is [insert state name] . . ." Read more about it on the IndiaTimes.

Encyclopedia Britannica has entries on each state in India. 

How to find a news site for your region

Many of the news outlets in India, both national and regional, are in English. A good way to find newspapers or online news sources for specific regions in India is to follow this path:

  • Start at the Open Directory: India Portal
    • The site is broken down by state and region
    • Within many of the states there is a link to news and media outlets

If you find that a site is not written in English you can use Google translate. Check with Carolyn if you want to use a translated article. Translated articles will definitely get you started exploring regional issues, however you should be able to find other articles on the same topic written in English. If you find yourself in this position please talk to one of the librarians about finding more articles.


Using Google to find news stories

Document your work

Document your research

Remember to cite your work using Noodletools!

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General Indian News Sites

From January 2019

The weeks after the Lok Sabha elections were quite rough for the opposition, especially for Mamata Didi. In this edition of So Sorry, watch the inside story behind TMC leaders' shifting allegiances to the BJP in West Bengal. (June 2019)

In February 2021, both Petrol and diesel rates in the country have sharply increased after the latest round of fuel price hike by oil marketing companies (OMCs).