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Course: MEH Machiavelli 2022: Home

Find your leader


US Government sites on countries and leaders

Learn about your leader

Learn about your leader

Recommended independent news sites

SFPL resources

UHS resources

We have many books on European countries. Have a look in our library catalog.

Tips for using Google

Word order matters! Google takes into account the way you have typed in your search. Try searching "leader Russian" vs. "Russian leader"

Sidebar: Google displays a box with quick facts related to your search on the right-hand side of the page. This can help you further your search by taking you to other topics or helping you identify other search terms.

Translate: You can search in English and get back results translated from foreign languages. Click on Show search tools in the left-hand sidebar and then choose "Translated foreign pages."

News: You can search just news sources. The default is to display the most recent news, but you can search specific time periods.

Time limits: Time limits can also be used with web pages.

Video: Searching video can bring up interesting results, including foreign news programming and guerilla journalism. Treat these results with the appropriate amount of interest and skepticism.

Operators: Google offers many ways to create advanced searches using various operators that tell the search engine more specifically what you are looking for.

  • Quotation marks around exact phrases.
  • Use OR to include like phrases (sneakers OR "tennis shoes")
  • By using the operator site: you can get Google to look on a specific site or type of site (site: or just site:gov)
  • You can eliminate invasion results by using a minus sign and the word you do NOT want in your search. There should be no space before the eliminated word. (Vladimir Putin -judo)
  • You can also specify that certain words must be in the text of your results (vladimir putin intext:"Orange Revolution")