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Course: History 1, Middle East (2024): Current events (Jesse)

Getting started

The first place to look for a current event is in The Arab Weekly. This is a UK-based news site that has stories from all over the Middle East and the Muslim World. Remember, you're looking for a story that has plenty of substance and has an historical connection: it should have a link to the past or be rooted in what's happened before.

While it has up to date news stories, you should start by looking in the following sections which give you a much broader and more rounded idea of what's going on in Middle Eastern countries away from the headlines.

Below you will find other sources that have current event stories from the Middle East. You might find it useful to look for other stories on your topic  in them. Just remember, you are writing about the Middle East not the USA or Europe.

Note: The search function doesn't work in Arab Weekly, so if you have a particular topic in mind, try Googling " your topic" to search your topic in AW. The results will give you specific stories in The Arab Weekly and you can look out for a result that looks like "your topic I AW - The Arab Weekly" as that will take you to a page with lots of different stories on the topic.


Middle East based English-language news sites

Be sure to establish the purpose of the news outlet - read the "About" section and/or Google it:

  • Where is it based?
  • Who is financing it?
  • Who is it supporting?
  • What is its bias?

Middle East news from Western outlets

These Western news sources have Middle East sections on their sites. 

  • Who is it supporting?
  • What is its bias?
  • Be aware that they are reporting stories through a Western lens.
  • Be aware they are reporting stories with a Western connection or interest.

Background information

If you need some background information about a country to help you make sense of a current event, try one of these websites or databases:

How to use a current events story for research

You can review the lesson about how to find and use a current event in your history research on the History 1 Research Canvas page: Module 2.

Here are some questions to think about when you're looking for a news story:

  • Is it something I'm interested in?
  • Does the story connect to a larger theme in history?
  • Is there enough information in the story for me to analyze?

Guiding prompts

These prompts will help you get the most out of your current events articles:

  1. Summarize the news story
  2. What groups or individuals are involved in this?
  3. What larger topic does this relate to?
  4. How does this connect to a larger historical context?
  5. What do you need to know more about after reading this article and what search terms could you use?
  6. Collect the information for your bibliography.